Polynomials as an Algorithmic Paradigm
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To participate in this center's activities through IISc, please join us via one of the following.
Postdoctoral researcher positions at IISc
For more information about IISc's Raman Post-Doc positions, including application procedure, please see the linked post doctorate application page
We also welcome you to join with us through the Inspire Faculty Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers. Apart from this, the Ramanujan fellowship is also available to support our postdoctoral candidates
Become a student at IISc
For joining the CSA department, you can find more information at this link
Long term internships at IISc
There are up to two 6 to 12 months internships available in the area of “Polynomials as an Algorithmic Paradigm”. Applicants should have completed their undergraduate studies before the start date of the internship. More information coming soon.

For any questions on how you can join us, please send us an email at theoryapp@iisc.ac.in and we'll be happy to connect with you.